Teradyne announces its UltraWaveMX44 for reducing development time, production costs for 5G mmWave semiconductors

NORTH READING, MA—Teradyne, a supplier of automated test solutions for semiconductor devices, announced July 17 the introduction of the UltraWaveMX44, an UltraFLEX test solution for the new 5G-NR millimeter wave (mmWave) market. The new UltraWaveMX44 instrument enables faster time to market and higher product yields for semiconductor devices used in emerging 5G mmWave applications.

The UltraWaveMX44 supports characterization and production device testing for probe, package, over-the-air and module applications. Its patented active thermal control and NIST traceable integrated calibration circuitry delivers superior instrument performance and tester-to-tester repeatability for frequencies between 6GHz and 44GHz.

The UltraWaveMX44 instrument maintains complete DIB and test cell compatibility with currently released wireless applications, such as LTE and WLAN, making the UltraWaveMX44 the ideal upgrade solution for installed UltraFLEX systems while maximizing return on investment for new system purchases. 

“Over the past two years, we have worked with our customer base to develop and validate the most effective mmWave production test solution,” said Stephen Pruitt, product marketing manager for wireless semiconductors at Teradyne. “UltraWaveMX44 is a true high volume mmWave ATE instrument with innovative technology integration providing complete test coverage for complex 5G wireless devices. With this UltraFLEX solution, our customers can achieve the highest test quality without sacrificing compatibility or performance, all while realizing lower cost of test.”

This addition to the UltraFLEX platform leverages the test system’s native features of dedicated background DSP computers, award-winning IGXL software environment, fully integrated debug tools and instrument pattern support to deliver high test cell throughput and fast time to market.

Teradyne has received multiple orders and is currently shipping to customers in the US, Europe, and Asia. Teradyne is now accepting orders for the UltraWaveMX44. For more information, visit the Teradyne website: https://www.teradyne.com/products/test-solutions/semiconductor-test/ultrawavemx44