Portable Analog Test Systems Combine Scope and Analyzers

Aug. 18, 2022
Arthur Brown shows off Digilent's 3000 and 5000 Analog Discovery Pro families of portable test-and-measurement systems.

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Digilent sells range of development and test platforms including the Analog Discovery Pro 3000 and Analog Discovery Pro 5000 series. In the video, Arthur Brown highlights the company's 3000 and 5000 Analog Discovery Pro families of portable test-and-measurement systems.

The Analog Discovery Pro 3000 (Fig. 1) runs Linux. Users can access it to provide custom test-and-measurement applications in addition to using the PC-based software to control the system. 

The 3000 family acts as an oscilloscope, network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, voltmeter, impedance analyzer, and data logger. It has up to four single-ended, BNC, analog inputs and an 8-channel digital input. There are two analog signal outputs as well. This family has USB and Ethernet support. The USB ports are accessible via Linux and they can support Wi-Fi USB adapters for wireless operation. 

Analog Discovery Pro 5000 provides a more robust and faster test-and-measurement platform with increased functionality (Fig. 2).

The 5000 series adds a pattern generator and protocol analyzer. It ups the digital inputs to 16 and provides digital multimeter inputs and power-supply outputs. Analog outputs are driven by a 14-bit DAC. These platforms are controlled via USB.


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