Radar Handles Room Monitoring and Various Other Apps

Aug. 8, 2022
Infineon's Bob Williams demos the company's radar technology in a home-entertainment room scenario.

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Radar can be used for applications other than tracking planes and other large moving objects, such as industrial and consumer applications. In this video demo, Infineon's Bob Williams shows off the company's technology being using in a home-entertainment environment to track people providing a 3D point cloud. It could be used for supporting smart TVs and smart-lighting applications in the home. 

The 60-GHz BGT60TR13C radar chip has one transmit and three receive antennas integrated into the system (see figure)

The antenna-in-package module measures a mere 6.5 ×  5 × 0.9 mm. It has a 5.5-GHz bandwidth and is optimized for low-power operation. Its integrated state machine allows for independent operation. The chip is designed for short-range applications like gesture sensing. Overall, the compact size and ability to hide it behind many materials provides developers with an array of options. 


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