Flexible PXI BMS Test System Simulates Real-Time Events

Dec. 5, 2023
The increasing adoption of electric vehicles is intensifying the challenge of effective testing and validation of battery management systems.

Addressing the increasing adoption of electric vehicles in industries such as automotive and aerospace, Pickering Interfaces released a family of PXI-based switch and simulation modules for testing a battery management system (BMS). The solution can be optimized to meet exactly what's needed for the application at hand, and is easily modifiable to handle evolving requirements.

The company's PXI-based switch and simulation modules offer many advantages in testing a BMS. They create a flexible test system that can be optimized and modified, with an industry-standard open architecture promoting system longevity while mitigating obsolescence. It also enables the seamless integration of multi-vendor instrumentation and communication modules into the system.

The PXI/PXIe multi-cell battery simulator/emulator range is well-suited for battery-stack emulation and BMS testing, allowing for direct voltage and current readback programmatically or via the soft panel control. Features include an isolation specification of 1000 V, enabling a BMS test system that can support hundreds of cells of battery simulation, all contained within a single 19-slot PXI or PXIe chassis. The battery simulator modules can also be combined with other vendors' PXI modules, such as a CAN bus interface, to create a fully flexible HIL test system.

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