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TechXchange: Oscilloscope Techniques

May 7, 2022
Take a deeper dive into oscilloscopes with these articles that look into the basics and trends focused on these crucial test instruments.

One of the most basic pieces of test equipment is the oscilloscope (i.e. scope). They have been around for decades (Fig. 1), but many of the techniques used with a scope apply to the analog scopes of old and digital scopes of today that have more computing power than many supercomputers of the past.

The TechXchange: Oscilloscope Techniques (Fig. 2) is part of our TechXchange digital series. Each issue targets a particular technology area, in this case oscilloscopes. The articles in this edition include “7 Tips for Better Oscilloscope Probe Selection and Usage and “What’s The Difference Between Real-Time And Sampling Oscilloscopes?,” among others.

Unlike our print issue, TechXchanges are extended as new articles are written and posted to our site. TechXchanges also include things that can’t appear in print, such as webinars and videos.

We hope you can find an item or two that will interest you in this TechXchange issue.