Electronic Design

0.01%-Accurate Digital Manometer Series Covers 1-To 3000-kPa Range

Incorporating a silicon resonant sensor, the MT200 series digital manometers conduct precision pressure measurements with a basic accuracy of 0.01% of reading. The series includes 14 different models offering gauge, absolute, and differential pressure measurements. Ranges from 1-kPa low-pressure differential to 3000-kPa gauge are available. Handling both gases and liquids, the manometers function as a working standard in calibration labs in place of mercury manometers and dead-weight testers. The MT210, the basic model, suits use as a working standard for calibrating various pressure instruments, transducers, and valves. The MT220 incorporates a 24-V dc power supply and a digital multimeter for the complete calibration of process-control pressure transmitters. The MT200 digital manometers cost about $6880 each.

Yokogawa Corp.
www.yokogawa.com; (800) 258-2552

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