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10-Bit Digitizers Boast 3-GHz Bandwidths, Sampling To 8 Gsamples/s

A family of PXI/CompactPCI-compliant digitizers from Acqiris USA offers a choice of front-end mezzanine cards delivering up to 3-GHz input bandwidth or switchable high-impedance input coupling. The 6U modules provide 10-bit sampling at up to 8 Gsamples/s on one channel. The DC282 performs synchronous four-channel sampling at up to 2 Gsamples/s or interleaved dual- or single-channel sampling at up to 4 and 8 Gsamples/s, respectively. The dual-input DC252 digitizes at 4 Gsamples/s on two channels and 8 Gsamples/s on one channel. The single-input DC222 is a one-channel, 8-Gsample/s unit. Input options include the standard 50-(omega) front end, which is protected against overvoltage signals. Input ranges include 50 mV to 5 V full-scale, and bandwidth is 1.5 GHz. A high-frequency front end uses minimal signal conditioning with a fixed 1-V input (±3-V overvoltage protection) and 3-GHz bandwidth. The third option, a high-impedance front end, allows high-voltage measurements from 50 mV to 5 V into 50 (omega) and to 50 V into 1 M(omega). Bandwidth is 1 GHz into 50 (omega) and 300 MHz into 1 M(omega). Prices start at $21,980, and delivery is 10 weeks ARO.

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Acqiris USA

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