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10 MHz DSO Adapter Includes Signal Isolation

10 MHz DSO Adapter Includes Signal Isolation

The USBscope50, thought to be the industry’s smallest USB digital storage oscilloscope (DSO), offers features normally associated with bench-type units such as 300V Cat II galvanic input isolation between BNC ground and USB ground. The instrument uses standard BNC oscilloscope probes and features ac/dc coupling, programmable trigger threshold and edge modes, pre- and post-trigger, programmable input offset, eight-bit sampling at 50 Msamples/s 8-bit sampling, and 3V/30V/300V input ranges with a x10 scope probe. Powered from a USB port, users can configure one channel or up to four channels when using multiple adapters. A proprietary synchronization system ensures signal channel-to-channel matching and concurrent triggering. Price for the USBscope50 is under $279. SAELIG CO., Pittsford, NY. (888) 772-3544.


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