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11,000-Probe Card Tests 300-mm DRAMs In Only Six Touchdowns

Based on FormFactor's scalable MicroSpring interconnect technology, the PH150 probe card enables the testing of 300-mm DRAM wafers in just six touchdowns. The ability to test a wafer in fewer touchdowns both increases wafer throughput and reduces the overall cost of testing for 300-mm fabrication facilities.

As 300-mm DRAM manufacturers increase the number of DRAM die per wafer, the required test capacity also increases. The large area and six-touchdown capability of the PH150 probe card enable wafer test capacity that scales to accommodate shrinking DRAM die sizes without requiring additional capital investment.

Thanks to MicroSpring technology, the PH150 permits precise probing for small bond pad sizes and reduced pitches. It also lowers the contact force during probing, significantly minimizing chip damage during testing. The probe card supports automated test equipment (ATE) from Advantest, Ando, and Teradyne and 300-mm probers offered by Accretech, Electroglas, and Tokyo Electron. With as many as 11,000 probes, it's equipped to accommodate current and next-generation ATE and probers.

Pricing for the PH150 ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the type and complexity of the application.

FormFactor Inc., (925) 294-4300; www.formfactor.com.

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