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12-Bit Analog I/O Card Aids PC/104 Data Acquisition

The Model 104-AIO12-8 12-channel analog multifunction I/O card is designed for PC/104-based data acquisition. It provides eight single-ended or eight true differential analog input channels with 12-bit resolution. This card features a common-mode rejection of 200 V and a high input impedance of 2 MΩ. A factory presettable gain is included to accommodate low-level sensor inputs. Analog inputs are software programmable for 0- to 5-V, 0- to 10-V, ±5-V, and ±10-V operation. Optionally, the device is factory configurable for 4- to 20-mA operation. There are 24 parallel bits of digital I/O, eight of which also provide change-of-state detection. The Model 104-AIO12-8 includes individually enabled or disabled software interrupts on IRQs two through 15, with a status register to determine the source of the interrupt. The sampling rate is 100,000 samples/s for both analog inputs and outputs. Typical power requirement is 5 V at 240 mA. Packaged with a manual and software, the Model 104-AIO12-8 costs $395.

Acces I/O Products Inc.
www.accesioproducts.com; (858) 550-9559

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