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1.2-GHz Processor Turbocharges Real-Time PXI Controller

The RT Series PXI embedded controllers let designers create fast real-time systems able to execute control loops at 40 kHz. The NI 8176 RT uses a 1.2-GHz processor. It runs LabView Real-Time control applications up to 300% faster than other real-time controllers and up to 28% faster than the PXI 8170 RT, previously the company's fastest unit. The NI 8175 RT uses an 866-MHz processor. Both feature an embedded LabView Real-Time run-time engine and built-in 100BaseTX Ethernet. The units include support for hardware I/O, so designers can combine them with a variety of PXI plug-in modules, including third-party modules through NI-VISA software.

The NI 8176 and NI 8175 cost $4495 and $3495, respectively. Both are available now.

National Instruments Corp.
(800) 258-7022; www.ni.com/pxi

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