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20-Channel Switching Modules Produce Instrument-Grade Measurements

A new multiplexer card and an upgrade to another one for the Integra series data acquisition/switch platforms have been introduced. The new Model 7710 module is a 20-channel, solid-state differential multiplexer with automatic cold junction compensation (CJC) capability for temperature measurement with thermocouples. The Model 7700 differential multiplexer also distributes 20-channels with CJC, but has been upgraded with latching electromechanical relays that boost signal bandwidths up to 50 MHz. The Model 7710 measures dc and ac voltage, current, two-wire ohms, and four-wire ohms, as well as temperature with RTDs and thermistors. Typical applications for the Model 7700 are measurements involving high frequency signals and digital pulses, such as testing of Ethernet, RS-232, digital control, and other communication compon- ents. Another example is dc power supply burn-in to characterize high frequency ripple, phase margin, and transient response. The base price of the Model 7710 switching module is $595. The price of the Model 7700 module is $395. KEITHLEY INSTRUMENTS INC., Cleveland, OH. (888) 534-8453.


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