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20-Channel Vibration Analyzer Suits High-Channel-Count Applications

20-Channel Vibration Analyzer Suits High-Channel-Count Applications

The USB-based 672u is the newest addition to IOtech’s 600 series of dynamic signal analyzers. The 20-channel 672u is well suited for high-channel-count applications, including machine-condition monitoring, rotating-machine analysis, and predictive maintenance. Input channels include direct integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) support. Each of the 20 analog inputs features a dedicated 24-bit delta-sigma ADC for excellent resolution and accuracy. The signal analyzer offers a ±40-V input range and can accommodate a variety of analog input types including accelerometer, velomiter, proximity probe, microphone, tachometer, or other voltage input. Also included is a 4-mA bias current with AC coupling for IEPE sensors. The 672u is compatible with the company’s eZ-Series software: eZ-TOMAS and eZ-TOMAS Remote for rotating-machine analysis, eZ-Analyst for real-time vibration and acoustic analysis, and eZ-Balance for machine balancing. Pricing for the 672u dynamic signal analyzer is $19,999 in singl-unit quantity and lead time is four weeks. IOTECH, Cleveland, OH. (440) 439-4091.


Company: IOTECH

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