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20-GHz System Streamlines Testing Of Microwave Mixers, Frequency Converters

Designers can take advantage of Aeroflex's 20-GHz microwave mixer measurement system to speed up the development, tuning, setup, and testing of microwave mixers and frequency converters. It combines the 20-GHz IFR6813 microwave generator and the 20-GHz IFR6843 microwave system analyzer into one streamlined system.

This system features fast sweeps for points of 2 seconds by utilizing the new frequency list mode with the generator, which is triggered by the analyzer via an RS232 port. With the list mode, users can create and store up to 1024 points. Designers also can achieve fast operation by using the RS232 ports of both units to control the mixer system. That's because it uses a hardware trigger instead of a continuous transfer of a sequence of commands.

The system can make 400 measurement points/s. It also has fully synthesized high-performance signal sources, a group delay option, and floppy-disk storage. Possible measurements include insertion loss and gain, RF frequency response, and input return loss.

The microwave analyzer acts as the controller for the generator to provide synthesized swept RF and local-oscillator (LO) signals, as the mixer inputs, with the IF output fed to the analyzer's receiver.

Available now, the system starts at $89,000, based on the options ordered. The IFR6813 generator costs $23,750.

Aeroflex Inc.

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