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350-MHz To 2-GHz DSOs Span Wide Range Of Price/Performance Ratios

The WaveRunner 6000 series of DSOs represents a new industry standard for performance in a bench oscilloscope. Five models cover the 350-MHz to 2-GHz band.

Each DSO WaveRunner 6000 channel except the 6030 has a 5-Gsample/s real-time analog-to-digital converter that can be interleaved to 10 Gsamples/s on two channels on the 1-GHz model 6100 and the 2-GHz model 6200. Standard features for the DSOs include 1 Mpoint of memory per channel, 5-ppm clock stability, and an 8.4-in. color touchscreen. A product support package includes a three-year warranty.

The series offers a robust set of trigger features and options for a variety of application-specific test packages. Included are an advanced user interface, an Ethernet 10/100BaseT port, Windows 2000 compatibility, and "smart" triggers.

Prices are $25,990 for the four-channel, 2-GHz, 10-Gsample/s 6200; $15,990 for the four-channel, 1-GHz, 10-Gsample/s 6100; $10,900 for the four-channel, 500-MHz, 5-Gsample/s 6050; and $7490 for the two-channel, 500-MHz, 5-Gsample/s 6051 and the four-channel, 350-MHz, 2.5-Gsample/s 6030. Delivery is 6-8 weeks.

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