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4-GHz Scope Delivers Highest Precision In Its Class

4-GHz Scope Delivers Highest Precision In Its Class

The 4-GHz model RTO1044 high-performance oscilloscope family and RT-ZD40 differential probe (4.5-GHz bandwidth) are a powerful solution for developing digital, analog and RF designs. Its 20 Gsample/s sampling rate addresses a wide variety of applications and is ideal for analyzing fast signals and steep edges. It can handle different data interfaces up to a data rate of 1.6 Gbits/s and can also be used to test fast clock signals up to a frequency of 800 MHz. High sensitivity and measurement accuracy make it an indispensable tool for measurements of typically low-amplitude (< 1 V) signals. Thanks to the extremely low-noise frontend, the full measurement bandwidth of 4 GHz is available at even the smallest scaling (1 mV/div.). The 10 GHz single-core A/D converter provides an outstanding dynamic range (ENOB > 7 bits). Another unique characteristic is the unprecedented high acquisition and analysis rate of 1 million waveforms/s. The digital trigger system makes it possible to accurately pinpoint narrow glitches (down to 50 ps) and their origin. And an adjustable trigger hysteresis allows users to optimize the trigger sensitivity to the signal characteristics.

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