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50-MHz Function Generator Balances Price/Performance

50-MHz Function Generator Balances Price/Performance

Delivering performance levels common to more expensive instruments, the TG5011 combines function, arbitrary-waveform, and pulse-generator capabilities in a single unit. Covering a frequency range from 1 µHz to 50 MHz, it provides high-purity sine waves with low harmonic distortion and very low phase noise over the full frequency range. Pulse period can be set between 2,000s and 80 ns (0.5 mHz to 12.5 MHz) and the duty cycle can be as low as one in two billion. Rise and fall times are also independently variable over a wide range. Waveform frequency can be set as high as 14 digits and is based on a TCXO time-base oscillator with a stability of 1 ppm. The instrument generates arbitrary waveforms up to 128k words at 14 bits vertical resolution at a sampling speed of 125 Msamples/s. Additionally, the TG5011 comes with Waveform Manager Plus software for Windows and is priced at $1,350. SAELIG CO., Pittsford, NY. (888) 772-3544.


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