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6-GHz Scopes Boast Of Four 20-GSPS Channels

Targeting design engineers dealing with digital signals having clock speeds in excess of 200 MHz and sub-nanosecond rise times, the Infiniium 54854A 4-GHz and 54855A 6-GHz oscilloscopes provide sampling rates of 20 Gsamples/s simultaneously on each of their four input channels. The result is better signal measurement accuracy and reduced chances of signal aliasing, as well as the ability to capture four full-bandwidth, real-time signals off of a single trigger event. Other features of the powerful 54850 Series scopes include: up to 1 Mpts of memory per channel at all sample rates and 32 Mpts at =2 Gsamples/s; use of electronic attenuators rather than attenuator relays, which reportedly can present reliability and repeatability problems; and trigger jitter as low as 0.6 psRMS. The 4-GHz scope costs $49,995 and the 6-GHz model, $58,995. Also available to complement the scopes are high bandwidth InfiniiMax 1130A series active probes. They support single-end and differential measurements up to 7 GHz. Price: $3,850 to $8,550 each. AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC, Palo Alto, CA. (800) 452-4844.


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