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6.5-Digit USB DMM Breaks Price Barrier

The Model 2100, a 6.5-digit benchtop digital multimeter with USB connectivity, reportedly sets a price benchmark for instruments in its performance class. At 6.5 digits, the unit features accuracy at 10 Vdc of 38-ppm resolution at a measurement rate of 50 readings per second over the USB bus. At 4.5 digits, it handles more than 2,000 readings per second into an internal data buffer. Additionally, the instrument performs eleven measurement functions covering the most common parameters including voltage, resistance, current, and RTD, MX+B, dB, and dBm math modifiers. Viable for production test, burn-in, and manual and semi-automatic R&D applications, the multimeter has an introductory price of $795 through September 30, 2007. KEITHLEY INSTRUMENTS INC., Cleveland, OH. (800) 688-9951.


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