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6.5-Digit USB DMM Saves Development Time And Cost

Keithley Instruments' Model 2100 is a 6.5-digit USB digital multimeter (DMM) designed for manual and semi-automatic electrical function tests and electrical validation in emerging electrical design and manufacturing regions by R&D engineers; instrument repair and metrology by service and calibration technicians; and research academia.

It provides 10-V dc accuracy of 38-ppm, 6.5-digit resolution at a measurement rate of 50 readings/s over the USB bus. Operating at 4.5 digits, it reads more than 2000 readings/s. Eleven measuring functions tackle values such as volts, ohms, amps, and RTD temperatures. The Model 2100 covers math modifiers such as MX+B, dB, and dBm as well.

The USB interface permits the TMC protocol, handling SCPI commands over the USB bus for added data transfer and control options. The TMC-compliant USB interface ensures preservation of existing SCPI test code, saving development time and cost.


The Model 2100 is available now.


The Model 2100 costs $795 through Sept. 30, 2007, and $845 after.


Visit www.keithley.com.

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