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8-GHz Logic Analyzers Feature Connectorless Probing

Offering an industry-leading 8-GHz timing acquisition rate, the TLA7Axx logic analyzer modules feature advanced connectorless probes. Users can obtain analog and digital measurements (both timing and state) through a single one of these probes. The connectorless probing system exhibits the industry's lowest total capacitance of 0.7 pF, which increases signal-acquisition fidelity.

Based on silicon-germanium (SiGe) technology, the six TLA7Axx analyzers provide unmatched measurement speed, flexibility, and ease-of-use to improve the debug and verification of digital systems. They're the first logic analyzers to offer 8-GHz (125-ps) timing simultaneous with state acquisitions from a 120- to 800-MHz clock rate. They feature a data rate of up to 1.25 Gbits/s. Available in 34-, 68-, 102-, and 136-channel configurations, their timing goes up to 2 GHz deep. Users can combine modules to create a 680-channel system.

The P6860 (for single-ended signals) and the P6880 (for differential signals) high-density probes both eliminate multiple connections to the system under test. This in turn eliminates the difficult task of connecting separate logic analyzer and oscilloscope probes to the same test point. A third model, the P6810, is a general-purpose probe for both single-ended and differential signals.

Available immediately, the TLA7Axx logic analyzers start at $8000. The P6810 and P6860 probes cost $4000 and $2000, respectively. Available in the third quarter, the P6880 high-density differential probe will cost $4000.

Tektronix Inc., www.tektronix.com/la; (800) 426-2200.

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