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80-MHz Vector Spectrum Analyzer Has 8-Second Capture Memory

The PSA-80BW Vector Spectrum Analyzer offers 80-MHz demodulation bandwidth and an eight-second capture memory for multicarrier power amplifier, signal monitoring, radar, and satellite measurement applications. Since the device saves so much time, designers can better focus on their specific next-generation basestation or modern aerospace defense-system component designs.

The analyzer provides up to 20-GHz frequency coverage, 0.1-dB amplitude flatness, 0.7° phase flatness, and optional 1.2-Gbyte (768-Msample/s) deep capture memory to provide eight seconds of full-bandwidth capture at the maximum sample rate.

The system is compatible with the Agilent 89600 series flexible demodulation software, the Advanced Design System, and MatLab. The PSA-80BW comprises Agilent's E444X PSA spectrum analyzer and 89610A vector signal analyzer. The external calibration routine requires an Agilent E4438C ESG or an Agilent E8267C PSG signal generator.

The system is available now in basic RF and microwave configurations with optional eight-second capture memory. The basic RF configuration starts at $108,752 and requires an Agilent E4438C ESG signal generator. The basic microwave configuration starts at $138,771 and requires an Agilent E8267C PSG signal generator. Upgrades are available so that existing PSA series spectrum analyzers and 89600 series vector signal analyzers can work with the PSA-80BW.

Agilent Technologies
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