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9-GHz Vector Network Tester Analyzes 3G Handset Components

As the newest addition to the Scorpion Vector Network Measurement System (VNMS) family, the MS4624X series boasts a frequency range of 9 GHz. This model is available in two-, three-, and four-port configurations for conducting fast and accurate passband and higher-frequency out-of-band rejection measurements on both single-ended and balanced devices. Such devices include the active and passive components used in 3G handsets. The MS4624x includes powerful simulation tools for mixed-mode S-parameters, embedding/de-embedding, and arbitrary impedance. It suits applications requiring ripple, insertion loss, and amplitude imbalance accuracy on the order of ±0.1 dB. It also offers 150-µs/point speed, 125-dB dynamic range, and ±0.03-dB uncertainties for passband S21 measurements. Fast and accurate feedback increases productivity when characterizing devices such as surface acoustic wave filters and ICs. The unit's arbitrary impedance transformations accurately handle non-50-Ω measurement scenarios typically associated with balanced devices. Pricing for the MS4624x starts at $35,000 with a lead time of eight weeks.

Anritsu Corp.; (800) ANRITSU

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