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AC Current Source Is One of A Kind

Hailed as the only ac current-source test instrument on the market, the Model 6221 is designed to simplify the creation and output of complex waveforms for testing in the semiconductor, nanotechnology and superconductor areas. The instrument supports pulsed I-V measurements, and pulse widths as short as 5 µs can be programmed. The 6221 can source ac currents from 1 pA to 100 mA and can also serve as a dc current source. A companion instrument, the Model 6220, provides dc current only. Both instruments can source dc currents from 100 fA to 100 mA, and both are fully programmable from front panel controls or from an external controller via RS-232 or GPIB interfaces. The Model 6221 also has a remotely controlled Ethernet interface. Both have tools for defining current ramps and stepping through predefined sequences of up to 64,000 output values using a trigger or timer. And both support linear, logarithmic and custom sweeps. The Models 6221 and 6220 are priced at $3,995 and $2,995, respectively. KEITHLEY INSTRUMENTS INC., Cleveland, OH. (888) 534-8453.


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