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Electronic Design

Active Differential Probes Tout Enhanced Usability

Agilent_0720-AAgilent Technologies has introduced a new generation of low-cost, 1.5-GHz, 3.5-GHz, and 6-GHz differential active probes for general-purpose, high-speed differential probing. The N2750A Series probes are well suited for digital system design, component design/characterization and differential serial bus measurements. These probes come with new InfiniiMode technology, which lets engineers make convenient measurements of differential, single-ended and common-mode signals with a single probe tip without having to reconnect the probe to change the connection. Using the quick-action scope control button built into the probe, these users can easily control the most-needed scope functions. The probes’ low input loading of 200 KΩ differential, wide dynamic range of 10 Vpp, wide offset range of ±15 V and high common-mode rejection ratio  of > 60 dB at 1 MHz make them suitable for a wide variety of analog signal measurements as well. The N2750A Series 1.5 GHz, 3.5 GHz and 6 GHz probes are available now at prices of $3,800, $5,100 and $6,300, respectively.


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