Electronic Design
Active Filter Designer Solves Tough Design Challenges

Active Filter Designer Solves Tough Design Challenges

The company’s iSim, a free active filter designer for operational amplifier-based active filters, addresses three tricky design issues. These are best parts recommendations, implementation strategy, and accurate simulations. The tool enables an engineer to move from concept to design in four steps. First, users can match the right product from a large portfolio of op amps to their design needs. Next, they can perform multiple simulations of a design online or on a personal computer. Step three, users can summarize, document, and share designs with co-workers or customers. Last, they can download results to the iSim PE (Personal Edition) tool for further analysis using a more general Spice simulator platform. The tool can be accessed/downloaded from the company’s website. INTERSIL CORP., Milpitas, CA. (888) 352-6832.


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