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Adapter Supports High-Speed Connector

A new logic analyzer probe adapter supports the high-speed, 100-pin, 0.5-mm pitch, ASP-65067-01 connector from Samtec, and is designed for use with the E5378A, E5379A, E5385A, E5381A, and E5382A logic-analyzer probes from Agilent Technologies. Users simply unplug the probe from the test setup and plug in the breakout adapter--the bottom side of the adapter mates with the Samtec connector. Breakout adapters are available with stake pins or with surface mount pads. Each signal-pin number is silk screened on the probe adapter for signal identification. Single-unit price for a SAM-100BREAKMAL adapter with signals to stake headers is $150, while the price for a SAM-100-SMTPADS adapter with signals to SMT pads is $140. EMULATION TECHNOLOGY INC., Santa Clara, CA. (408) 982-0660.


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