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Agilent To Offer ISO 17025-Compliant Calibration Services

Fully conformant ISO 17025 calibration services for complex electronic test equipment are now available worldwide from Agilent Technologies. The ISO 17025 standard governs both calibration laboratory operations and procedures, as well as the data reporting of the calibration services they provide. It covers four key aspects: compliant laboratories, compliant calibration services, accredited laboratories, and accredited calibration services.

Conforming to the standard provides more accurate measurement information than what's available with traditional calibration procedures. Instruments calibrated to this standard increase production yields, optimize resources, and ensure compatibility with products manufactured by all test and measurement companies.

According to Agilent Technologies, its existing worldwide network of 28 calibration service centers follow ISO 17025 procedures for calibration-laboratory operation. Of these, 21 have also been fully accredited by ISO 17025-approved accrediting agencies. Furthermore, the company claims that its calibration services are priced competitively, typically costing only 12% more than its similar, noncompliant services.

Agilent Technologies

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