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Air Heater Assemblies Protect Sensitive Equipment

Air Heater Assemblies Protect Sensitive Equipment

The company’s line of air heater assemblies is designed for applications that require space or an object to be heated indirectly. The heater assemblies protect equipment from harsh environments by providing heat and by keeping the components within an enclosure or near the heater assembly at a safe temperature. The blower assembly circulates warm air, preventing condensation where moisture can be an issue. The heater assemblies employ PTC thermistor technology, which allows for self-regulating heating and ensures fast, accurate heat up without additional protective circuitry. Voltage capacities range from 5V to +240V with a variety of power outputs available. Depending on size, quantity, and power output, pricing ranges from $15 to $50 each. SPECTRUM SENSORS & CONTROLS INC., St. Marys, PA. (814) 834-1541.

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