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Analog Signal Generator Sets Phase-Noise Record

The E8663B from Agilent Technologies isn't just another off-the-shelf analog signal generator with a wide frequency range. According to the company, it provides the best close-to-carrier phase-noise specification in its class. It offers a typical –130 dBc/Hz phase noise or lower at a 1-kHz offset from a 1-GHz carrier and up to 21 dBm of output power. Also, it can operate over 100 kHz to either 3.2 or 9 GHz.

These specs make the E8663B ideal for design and manufacturing test engineers working on transceivers for radar/electronic warfare and for satellite or terrestrial radio systems using wide channel bandwidths. The fully synthesized instrument replaces the discontinued HP or Agilent 8662A and 8663A signal generators, which have been the industry standards in low-noise signal generation since 1981.

The E8663B also features an output power of –135 to +21 dBm, depending on the selected frequency range option. Step attenuation is specified at 0 to 115 dB for the 3.2-GHz frequency option and 5 to 115 dB for the 9-GHz option in 10-dB steps.

The E8663B is available now. Pricing starts at $41,500 (100-kHz to 3.2-GHz frequency range option) and $47,500 (100-kHz to 9-GHz frequency range option). An optional 10-year support package is available as well.

Agilent Technologies Inc.

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