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Analyzer Aims At Fast Serial Data Applications

Serial data rates are getting faster all the time, with speeds running to 6.25 Gbits/s (XAUI X2) and beyond. So, designers need tools to accurately look at and analyze these very fast signals. LeCroy's four-channel SDA 11000 DSO-based serial data analyzer targets these applications with a bandwidth to 11 GHz, sample rates to 40 Gsamples/s, and a memory as big as 100 Mpoints/channel.

The SDA 11000 comes standard with a full complement of jitter and eye-pattern analysis tools, including the Advanced Serial Data Analysis and Jitter package. Features include the Jitter Wizard, jitter filtering, multiple methodologies for total jitter measurement, ISI plotting for measuring data-dependent jitter without repeating a bit pattern, and a mask error violation locator.

The instrument operation tightly integrates all eye-pattern and jitter analyses. Processing functions can operate on the data before it is passed to the serial data analysis functions. All math functions and parameters can be used to further process the results of the serial data analyses. Users can customize the analyses through scripts running on Matlab or Visual Basic on the scope. Using the 100-Mpoint memory option and operating at its full 40-Gsample/s rate, the instrument can capture 2.5 ms of data.

The base price of an SDA 11000 with an 8-Mpoint/channel memory (16 Mpoints on one or two channels) is $105,000. A 16-Mpoint/channel (32 Mpoints on two channels) option is $4990, and the 50-Mpoint/channel (100 Mpoints on two channels) option is $14,990. The instrument is available for ordering now, with deliveries starting this month.

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