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Analyzers Groomed For Troubleshooting Mainstream Digital System Signals

At its starting price point of $9,200, the TLA5000 Series is said to offer the highest timing resolution, deepest memory timing, and fastest state acquisition of any logic analyzer available today. Targeting the market for logic analyzers used for troubleshooting mainstream digital systems -- an application area defined by semiconductor devices with data rates of up to 400 Mb/s and setup/hold times down to 350 ps -- the four-model TLA5000 Series packs from 34 to 136 channels and boasts of 500 ps (2 GHz) timing resolution with up to 32-Mb memory depth and simultaneous, 125-ps data acquisition on each channel using the company's MagniVu technology. With MagniVu, incoming data is sampled once every 125 ps, using small local memory to keep an independent, continuously updated record of the time; simultaneously, the main memory accumulates multiple milliseconds' worth of data at rates up to 500 ps. All four logic analyzers provide 500-ps deep memory timing on quarter channels, 1-ns deep memory timing on half channels, and 2-ns to 50-ms deep memory timing on all channels. The TLA5000 Series's high timing resolution and powerful triggering capabilities are used to debug fast glitches and to capture narrow setup/hold violations. For more information, contact TEKTRONIX INC., Beaverton, OR. Call (800) 426-2200 and request code 1300.


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