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Analyzers Offer Advanced Sonet/SDH Jitter Testing

The J7233A and J7231B OmniBER Optical Transport Network (OTN) analyzers deliver accurate and repeatable jitter with ITU-T O.172 jitter accuracy maps and advanced next-generation Sonet/SDH (NG Sonet) capability in one instrument. This capability reduces the cost of testing for chip-set designers, network equipment manufacturers, and service providers.

Each unit supports interface rates up to 2.5 and 10 Gbits/s. According to their manufacturer, Agilent Technologies, they're the only test instruments to combine generic framing procedure (GFP), virtual concatenation (VCat), Ethernet payload, and link-capacity adjustment-scheme (LCAS) measurement capabilities with the most accurate and repeatable jitter, plus O.172 jitter accuracy maps for measuring 10-Gbit/s Sonet/SDH and G.709 OTN jitter.

The OmniBER devices offer ITU O.172 Appendix VII-based accuracy maps as standard on jitter products, as well as a receiver-only fixed accuracy error of less than 15 mUI at 10 Gbits/s. This provides much greater assurance of conformance to the 100-mUI industry standard.

These second-generation NG Sonet/SDH and jitter analyzers are scalable to 40 Gbits/s. They're designed to have extremely low intrinsic jitter, a key enabler of greater measurement accuracy. Also, they provide functional and jitter conformance testing in one product.

Prices start at $86,198. The J7233A OmniBER OTN is available up to 2.5 Gbits/s with NG Sonet/SDH plus jitter. The J7231B OmniBER OTN is available up to 10 Gbits/s with NG Sonet/SDH plus jitter.

Agilent Technologies Inc.
(800) 429-4444, item no. 7951

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