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Electronic Design

App Tests/Debugs LPC4300 SoCs

In its latest version, UDE 3.0.7 Universal Debug Engine (UDE) enables efficient testing and debugging of NXP's LPC4300 dual-core SoCs under a single user interface. The LPC4300 pairs an ARM Cortex-M4 with a Cortex-M0 to an asymmetrical dual-core digital signal controller architecture. Both processors operate with their own clock supply and their own power management, yet communication takes place via shared memory. The UDE 3.0.7 JTAG/SWD interface, in which debugging on both cores is possible, is also shared, requiring an intelligent management of on-chip resources from the debugger. With the UDE 3.0.7, code breakpoints and watch points can be set directly in the program window or watch window of the respective Cortex-M. Furthermore, CoreSight diagnostic technologies such as serial wire viewer (SWV), instrumentation trace macrocell (ITM), and data watch point and trace (DWT) are extensively supported by the UDE 3.0.7. LOGIC TECHNOLOGY, Netherlands. +31 77 3078438.

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