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ATE App Simplifies Test Development

Designed specifically for functional automatic test equipment applications, ATEasy 3.0 claims to dramatically simplify the test application development process. According to the company, the application offers several competitive advantages. These include the company's Integration Application Framework, which follows a test requirement documentation oriented outline and organizes several components modeled after a test systems architecture. This framework organizes code in the appropriate components such as system drivers, programs, forms, tasks, and tests. During debugging or integration, users can quickly identify the code that requires modification from the appropriate components. Other features include a just-in- time compiler that executes designated portions of the application code without running the entire application, instrument interchangeability technology, an open systems architecture, and a built-in test executive, automatic test log generation, multithreading support, unlimited do/redo, and multilevel user security. The application is priced at $2,995 and promotional packages start at $1,990.

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