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Automated Measurement System Speeds PCI Express Compliance Testing

The RT-EYE serial data compliance and analysis software from Tektronix (option RTE for the TDS6000 and TDS/CSA7000 oscilloscopes) and the P7350SMA differential probe can be combined to provide an uncompromised signal probing environment in both bandwidth and fidelity. These tools form a complete solution for analog validation and compliance of PCI Express. Joining this suite of compliance tools (for digital validation and debug) is the TMS817 support package, a PCI Express debug and validation solution for the company's TLA series logic analyzers.

The software package transforms the host oscilloscope into a powerful automated validation and compliance-testing platform for copper-based serial standards operating at data rates up to 3.2 Gbits/s. RTE provides software clock recovery, eye diagrams, and a full battery of standard specific parametric measurements in the amplitude, timing, and jitter domain. The RT-Eye software comes with the PCI Express Compliance Module (option PCE) and the InfiniBand Compliance Module (option IBA).

The RT-Eye RTE Software option costs $7495. The InfiniBand IBA option and the PCE PCI Express (option PCE) Compliance Modules cost $995 each. Delivery is within six to eight weeks. The P7350SMA costs $7200 with immediate delivery, and the TMS817costs between $60,000 and $70,000 (depending on configuration) with immediate delivery.

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