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AWG Option Expands RF/Microwave Generation Choices

AWG Option Expands RF/Microwave Generation Choices

Further enhancing the AWG7000C Series arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs), the wide bandwidth Option 02 allows users to purchase a dual-channel 12 Gsample/s solution that will create fast rise/fall time, wide modulation bandwidth signals for less than $100,000. Through use of direct synthesis, the AWG7000C accurately creates wideband waveforms up to a 4.8 GHz carrier frequency with the option.  For greater frequency performance, the AWG is still configurable with the higher data rate option that doubles the data rate to 24 Gsamples/s and produces higher 9.6-GHz carrier signals. Option 02 is priced at $5,000. TEKTRONIX INC., Beaverton, OR. (800) 426-2200.

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