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Battery Monitor Features Fast Installation And Ease Of Use

Battery Monitor Features Fast Installation And Ease Of Use

Enabling impedance measurement with ease of use and fast installation, Sentinel III embarks as an advanced set of components that provide remote system battery-monitoring via a secure internet connection. It relies on DIN rail mounting and an external temperature patch to reduce the time required for installation. The Sentinel solution combines transducers, data loggers, and software components to create a comprehensive and cost effective standby battery-monitoring system. The S-BOX, an advanced data logger, employs an embedded web server to monitor installations remotely. S-BOX measurement and data logging features include Bloc, string and battery voltage measurement, Bloc temperature and impedance measurement, discharge performance, and discharge/charge current. It also measures ambient temperature. The Sentinel transducer, offering DIN-rail mounting and an external temperature patch, allows users to set up an alarm for each of the parameters measured by the transducers connected to the S-BOX. LEM USA INC., Milwaukee, WI. (800) 236-5366.
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