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Bench-Top DMM Gets Updates

Bench-Top DMM Gets Updates

Adding features while retaining price, the Model 5491B digital multimeter (DMM) offers an accuracy of 0.02%, a dual digital display for viewing two measurements simultaneously, measurement rates up to 25 readings per second, threshold settings for quick Pass/Fail testing, plus the ability to download measurements via USB or RS-232 interfaces. The DMM provides true RMS precision with a 50,000 count display. Its AC+DC capability captures any DC effects within the measured voltage or current. Naturally, the instrument provides all standard measurements of AC and DC voltage to 750V and 1,000V, respectively, AC and DC current to 20A, resistance, frequency, and continuity. Other features include math functions of relative for offset measuring, max/min for capturing highest and lowest values, dB, dBm, data hold, and compare. Price is under $400. B&K PRECISION CORP., Yorba Linda, CA. (714) 921-9095.


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