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BERT Set Options Meet SAN And 10-GbE Demands

New options for Anritsu's MP1763C pulse pattern generator and the MP1764C/D error detector bring 12.5G bit-error-rate test (BERT) sets that accurately evaluate the latest high-speed devices used in storage-area-network (SAN) and 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10-GbE) applications. Such an option gives users a 12.5-Gbit BERT set with differential inputs, a 1/4-speed differential output, and a CDR (clock/data recovery) capability required for evaluating 4.25G Fibre Channel as well as 10-GbE XAUI and SFI-4P2 devices.

The 1/4-speed differential option enables differential output of both data and clock at one-fourth the standard rate of 50-Mbit to 12.5-Gbit outputs. As a result, the new BERT set can be used for 10 GbE as well as high-speed buses and backplanes like PCI Express much less expensively than using a parallel version.

With the CDR option, the 12.5-Gbit BERT can use input data as a trigger signal for error-rate detection and waveform monitoring. An external clock or CDR isn't required. When the CDR option is used jointly with the new differential input option, high-speed differential devices can be evaluated without an external jig. The CDR is variable and supports bit rates from 62.5 Mbits to 11.1 Gbits, including unique support for 4.25-Gbit Fibre Channel.

The MP1763C PPG with 1/4 differential outputs costs $93,100. The MP1764C/D, which includes both differential input and variable CDR options, costs $127,000. Users of any 12.5G BERT set should contact Anritsu for special trade-in pricing and upgrade information.

Anritsu Co.

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