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BERTs Add High-Speed Jitter Measurement

Giving a leg up to the company's ParBERT 81250 measurement suite and N4901B/02B serial bit-error rate testers (BERTs), the Fast TJ measurement software shows promise as the industry's fastest total-jitter measurement tool. According to the company, users can perform measurements at speeds in excess of 40 times faster than existing BER measurement tools. The software employs a unique statistical algorithm that requires the user to select only the desired bit error ratio and the resolution accuracy. Any uncertainty of the total-jitter measurement is determined, which defines the significance of the result. Therefore, measurement is independent of jitter modeling and will work on virtually any jitter distribution. For further information, call AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC., Palo Alto, CA. (800) 829-4444, item number 7997


Product URL: Click here for more information

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