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Bluetooth Test System Can Address 16 Test Cases

By incorporating the Bluetooth-qualified MT8850A Test Set with other hardware and software, the ME7865A Bluetooth pre-qualification test system has the ability to perform power measurements on Bluetooth radios according to the RF test specification. The design aims to provide chip set developers, module manufacturers and consumer product developers with a single, cost-effective solution that guarantees performance of Bluetooth radios before submission for Bluetooth Qualification. The MT8850A addresses all 16 test cases defined in the Bluetooth RF test specification up to 3 GHz, and also accommodates higher frequencies to meet customer needs. It performs transmitter tests including output power, power density, power control, transmit output spectrum measurements, and modulation tests. Receiver tests include sensitivity tests, carrier-to-interference performance, intermodulation performance and maximum input level. The MT8850A provides a single port connection to the equipment under test, and the Combining Network Unit eliminates the need for makeshift RF cabling connected to end user networks. The MT8850A consists of the MS2661C spectrum analyzer, ML2437A power meter and MA2472A power sensor. A compact (12U) rack suitable for bench top operation houses all instruments. Price: $134,905. ANRITSU CORP., Richardson, TX. (800) 267-4878.


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