Electronic Design
Breadboard/Optical Table Legs Isolate Horizontal Vibrations

Breadboard/Optical Table Legs Isolate Horizontal Vibrations

Supporting the company’s breadboards and optical tables, the 500AP Series vibration-isolating leg stands are available individually as modular mounts or as leg stands with braces and casters for optical tables. Combined with active-air suspension, their proprietary internal trifilar and quadfilar pendulum systems are said to provide exceptional horizontal vibration isolation. Leg stands are configurable to include automatic leveling and they offer low natural frequencies: 1.25 Hz along the horizontal axis and 1.5 Hz along the vertical axis. Other features include isolation efficiencies of 98% (horizontal) and 95% (vertical) at 10 Hz and above. Braces and casters are available for leg stands from 14” through 32” high. KINETIC SYSTEMS INC., Boston, MA. (800) 992-2884.


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