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Built-In Processor Makes Source-Measure Units Speedsters

The Series 2600 system sourcemeter instruments are modular, scalable devices for building automatic test equipment (ATE) systems and making precision dc, pulse, and low-frequency ac source-measure tests. Developed by Keithley Instruments, the series consists of the one-channel Model 2601 and the two-channel Model 2602.

These instruments perform up to 12,600 readings/s. In high-resolution mode, they make 24-bit measurements. The source of this speed is Keithley's embedded Test Script Processor (TSP), which lets users program a sequence of test commands and execute these high-speed sequences independently of a PC operating system. Both units feature 16-Mbyte nonvolatile memories that store up to 100,000 readings or 50,000 lines of programming code.

The included development software, Test Script Builder, has a graphical user interface to simplify the development, modification, and debugging of TSP programs. Users can quickly modify an included suite of prewritten TSP programs for specific applications. Meanwhile, the TSP-Link technology acts as a trigger synchronization and interunit communication bus for seamless control of up to 16 channels without hubs or bulky cables. With very little network overhead and a 100-Mbit/s data rate, it's faster than GPIB and 100BaseT Ethernet in real-world applications.

The Model 2601 costs $5495, and the Model 2602 costs $7995. Units are shipped two weeks after receipt of the order.

Keithley Instruments Inc.

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