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CAN Trigger Option Gives MSOs Time-Correlated Viewing

Thanks to the N2758A controller-area network (CAN) protocol trigger option, time-correlated viewing is now possible with the 54600 family of mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSOs). The option enables time-correlated viewing of circuit activity. There's also a higher level of triggering directly on serial message content. It enables the triggering of either standard or extended CAN message IDs, including the message ID of a remote transfer request frame. Triggering on a data frame is supported, and engineers can specify message IDs, data, and data length for filtering messages of interest. Triggering on active error frames is also possible. The unit produces a viewable pulse for every frame on the CAN network that meets the user specification. The pulse can then be used as another input to the MSO for more qualified triggering. The N2758A complements the company's 54600 series of MSOs, which includes 60-, 100-, 350-, and 500-MHz bandwidths. The trigger option costs $1495 and can be purchased separately from the MSOs.

Agilent Technologies Inc. www.agilent.com; (800) 452-4844, ext. 7772

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