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Channel Emulator Handles Multipath Testing

Multipath can be a big problem in traditional single-input/single-output (SISO) Wi-Fi systems. One answer is to come up with a multiple-input/multiple-output (MIMO) standard that takes advantage of multipath to boost performance. The next-generation Wi-Fi standard (IEEE-802.11n) will do just that.

In response, Azimuth Systems Inc. has introduced the ACE 400NB channel emulator (see the figure). It reproduces 4-by-4 multipath environments with channel correlation to test MIMO and SISO solutions in a controlled, repeatable way.

The ACE 400NB standalone test platform can be used with current 802.11a/ b/g and future 802.11n devices. Users can conduct real-time performance testing of chip sets, clients, and access points.

Features include built-in support for six real-time channel models for typical Wi-Fi scenarios, as recommended by the 802.11n working group, for reference performance comparisons. Setup is simplified by direct connections to 802.11 devices without the need for external RF devices.

A GUI-based configuration capability needs only one mouse click to select the channel model and Tool Command Language script. The company's patented SmartMotion attenuation systems allow precise performance measurements versus range.

The ACE 400NB channel emulator is available for order with a 12-week lead time. Contact the company for pricing.

Azimuth Systems Inc.

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