Electronic Design

Characterization System Has IC-CAP Device Modeling

Thanks to a new software driver, users can control the Model 4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System while operating within Agilent Technologies' IC-CAP device modeling software environment. This system includes a complete, embedded PC with a Windows NT operating system and mass storage.

A browser-style Project Navigator provides test organization and control. Remote, low-noise preamplifiers extend measurement resolution down to 0.1 fA. The IC-CAP Instrument Driver supports comprehensive functional control of 4200-SCS instruments through the system's GPIB remote control interface. This includes up to eight SMUs, preamps, a ground unit, and all instrument ranges and resolutions. This driver also enables fine adjustment of delay factor, filter factor, and integration time. The instrument driver has been verified with IC-CAP version 5.3 and IC-CAP 2001.

The IC-CAP instrument driver for the Model 4200-SCS costs $5000.

Keithley Instruments Inc.
www.keithley.com; (800) 552-1115

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