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On-Chip Debugging Solution Addresses Manufacturing Floor

Wind River on-chip debugging (OCD) for manufacturing and test combines a number of elements, including National Instruments’ LabVIEW to let test and manufacturing engineers diagnose hardware problems on the manufacturing floor.

The standards-based solution enables manufacturers to increase production-line throughput, validate and verify finished products more effectively, reduce scrap and rework, and easily create custom test applications for their individual needs. The product complements and extends an organization’s existing investment in tools like boundary scanners, logic analyzers, and oscilloscopes. Included in the package are Wind River ICE and Probe emulator products, the Wind River OCD API and Utility JTAG testing solution, and National Instruments’ LabVIEW Virtual Instrument Driver.

The memory upload utility has been enhanced to allow developers to select a specific area of memory on the target system and extract data into a file saved on the host PC. This feature permits users to load and run test scripts on their targets, capture the results stored in specific areas of memory, and store results for future reference and analysis. Wind River also enhanced the integration of the OCD API with LabVIEW through the creation of “higher-level” virtual instruments (VIs). The new VIs allow LabVIEW users to create their own custom test applications more easily. The solution supports a wide range of processors and architectures, including multi-core devices from Broadcom, Freescale, Intel, and P.A. Semi.

Wind River On-Chip Debugging for Manufacturing and Test is available now.
Contact the company for price information.

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