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In-Circuit Emulator Offers Real-Time Operation

Capable of real-time, low-voltage, non-intrusive emulation of Motorola's 68HC12 and 68HC11 and Toshiba's TLCS-900H/L µC families, the Mime-800 in-circuit emulator supports a complex event-triggering function that can look for any combination of address ranges, data values, control signals and external data, offering a wide choice of actions when an event occurs. This powerful tool uses a state machine to control it and its State Browser, a function that lets engineers set and study complex events in an intuitive, graphical way. The State Browser lets users interactively define events and guides them through the options at each state. MimeView for Windows is a powerful interface that is easy to use and provides access to all features of the Mime-800. Its graphical interface, with context-sensitive menus, toolbars and help screens to provide direct and concurrent access to all processors and emulator information.


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