Electronic Design

Code Analysis Tool Steps Up Efficiency

Gaining in efficiency while generating fewer false-positive messages, CodePeer 2.0 source-code analysis tool adds a number of static-analysis tools common to GNAT Pro technology. These include a coding standard verification tool (GNATcheck), program metric generator (GNATmetric), semantic analyzer, and a document generator that is callable through the GNAT Programming Studio integrated development environment. Other enhancements include support for subprogram calls via pointers, more efficient intermediate format generation with faster processing and simpler/fewer SCIL files, fewer partitions by default to perform an analysis, support for parallel SCIL generation on multiple CPUs and cores, a “useless self assignment” warning when an assignment does not modify the destination variable, and improved integration with the GPS IDE. ADACORE, New York, NY. (877) 787-4628.

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